Homeowners Earned Nearly $1 Trillion In Equity Last Year

Homeowners Earned Nearly $1 Trillion In Equity Last Year

Real Estate has been the main source of wealth and the most assured tried-and-true investment providing steady growth. Typically the largest lifetime purchase for most families, a home is no longer just a place to live, it accounts for a large portion of most investment portfolios, private or personal.

Last year, homeowners across the nation earned $908 Billion in equity last year. California, with no surprise, saw the largest double-digit growth across the nation: $44,000 increase in equity on average. This growth was also helpful in getting more than half-of-a-million borrowers rise above water in their mortgage, which represents about 63% of homeowners. This is largest home price growth in 4 years and will add $50 billion to the US consumer spending in the next 2 years!


Home ownership is the most assured way of preserving and passing wealth down from generation to generation. Take the time to contact me, Tarek El Moussa and let him show you homes with the highest growths over the last two years: +1.949.337.8808

Amazon Is Looking to Get Into Mortgage Lending

Amazon Is Looking to Get Into Mortgage Lending

Is there anything left for Amazon not to be involved with and eventually dominate? The company’s aspirations seem to reach higher and higher by the month.

It is rumored that the behemoth company is now seeking a big bank partner. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon asked a few months back for banks to submit proposals for a hybrid checking account from companies like Capital One and JPMorgan Chase.

Indeed, Amazon is currently in talks with JP Morgan to start providing checking account services. Mortgages won’t be far behind.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

"Any move by Amazon to start its own banking arm would subject it to capital rules and other regulations that likely would limit its aggressive expansion. And there would likely be stiff opposition. An effort by Walmart Inc. more than a decade ago to obtain a type of banking license withered after intense criticism from a range of companies and lawmakers.

For JPMorgan or Capital One, winning the assignment would be a chance to keep a potential competitor close and strengthen ties to a company that is popular among millennials, whose financial habits are changing quickly. In a recent poll of 1,000 Amazon customers conducted by LendEDU, an online student lender, 38% said they would trust Amazon to handle their finances equally as they would a traditional bank."


The world of Real Estate is constantly evolving, and hopefully, improving. Let Tarek & Associates share with you industry insights to help you stay ahead of the curb.  +1.949.337.8808

2018 Real Estate Predictions

2018 Real Estate Predictions

A New Year is always filled with resolutions; eat less, exercise more, travel frequently. For some, homeownership is the top priority of 2018.

The end of 2017 brought changes impacting real estate trends affecting 2018.

The New Tax Plan

Congress passed and now has made into law restriction on mortgage interest and property deductions. The new law limits the amount of state taxes that can be deducted from federal tax. The law also caps mortgage interest deduction.

These moves will likely limit growth in prices to 1-3%

Hurricane Damage

In 2017, many areas offering reasonable home prices were hit. Harvey, Irma, Maria & Nate hit from the mainland to Puerto Rico. 15 million people were affected and billions of dollars worth of damage took place.

These events have strained building supplies and also homebuilder availability, affecting new home construction.

Mortgage Rates

Wells Fargo is the largest mortgage lender in the country. Their rate currently is at 4% for new purchases. But the rates are going up.

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, in 2018, rates will go up to 4.6%, while the National Association of Realtors predicts a 4.5% rate.


Home Ownership still remains the largest source of wealth for most Americans & remains a critical component of the economy. Use our vast in-depth knowledge at Tarek & Associates to show you the fastest way to building wealth in real estate. +1.949.337.8808

Top Home Trends of Today

Top Home Trends of Today

The landscape of Home Ownership is undergoing a massive change. People move less, Parents are leaving their homes to their children, & becoming mobile and exploring has become fashionable.

Here are some of the top Trends in Home Ownership today.


More than 400,000 articles where posted on social media in 2017, according to Buzzsumo. The new trend, living stylishly in a remodeled Airstream, while traveling from one breathtaking vista to another, in now in vogue.

RV makers reported their best sales year ever for 2017. Airstreams sold more that 2 Billion dollars last year alone! They can’t build them fast enough.

Small Living

Prefab small homes have been in the news over the past few years. Started by upstarts in the Netherlands, they have now become mainstream. Easy to assemble, fabricated to your needs, your new home could be delivered, built & fully functional in a matter of hours.

Stories about these homes were shared nearly 2 million times last year. In fact, they have become so popular that some models are now cheaper than cars! But if luxury is your preferred M.O. they are abundant.

Crazy for Cabins

Cozy, comfy & a place where you feel immediately immersed in the comfort of a home, cabins have become the rage. It seems that everything old, has become new again. Particularly popular with the millennial set, these little hideaways aren’t just for mountain men anymore.

Mid-Century Modern

Palm Springs has been the mecca of Mid-Century Modern for decades. Sleek, clean, a bit of retro & a bit of modern, the homes are what the modern family seeks now. Amazon even launched a line of mid-century furniture in 2017.


A Home has always been the heart of our lives. Recently, more and more Americans are choosing places where they feel the comfort, the love & and warmth that a home blankets us with. The trends we have seen all point to a place where we are happy to be. Call us today and let us bring you to yours. +1.949.337.8808

Home Upgrades that DO NOT Add Value

Home Upgrades that DO NOT Add Value

Most homeowners believe that home improvements will add value to their property. And while they may improve your personal living situation, they will not always guarantee that value is being added to you property.

Here are some major improvements that will have little effect on property value.

Swimming Pool

Although there are families with children that specifically seek properties offering a pool, it is a very small buyer pool. As a matter of fact, most consider it to be liability and a danger for children.

The costs range between $30,000 to $100,000+ with monthly maintenance charges. And it will almost never add the same value to your home’s worth.

Being the Best House in the Neighborhood

While having the most extravagant or beautifully manicured home in the neighborhood may give you bragging rights, it is never a good idea to be the one property that stands out from the rest.

Overbuilding for the neighborhood typically will hurt you when it comes to selling your home. You will expect a higher value because of the additions, but buyer’s won’t see that value. And will typically consider making changes which will ultimately cost them more money. This is one scenario where fitting in may be a better way to go.

Landscaping Overdoing

Do enough to be well presented. No need to go overboard. A well maintained yard will give you great curb appeal, but no need to be excessive about it.

Upgrades that are Atypical for the Neighborhood

While gold covered faucets may seem appropriates for a posh 5th Avenue Apartment for a Saudi Prince, they typically are not necessary for a family home in a typical American neighborhood.

While your home is your palace, keep in mind that at some point you will be selling. Think of what potential buyers are looking for as well.

Carpet throughout the House

The trend has been a move towards easier to maintain flooring. Carpets, while creating a more cozy environment, are more difficult to maintain and keep. And with so many options in today’s market, including laminates, the choices may be greater with an easier to maintain floor.


Keeping all of these factors in mind, Tarek el Moussa has been flipping homes for over 15 years and will be able to make the best recommendations for you. Call him today to find out more: 949.337.8808

10 Ways to Make a Small Bath Appear Bigger

10 Ways to Make a Small Bath Appear Bigger

At some point, any homeowner has encountered this scenario: a small powder-room. Here are some tips for making the space seem bigger, without any demolition.

Brighten the Colour Palate

Light spaces always appear bigger than dark ones, leaving behind heavy wood and fixtures. The more light, the better.

  • Lighten the Wall Color: Don’t forget the ceiling too.
  • Windows: Sheer window coverings win over heavy materials.
  • Lighting: Ceiling fixtures are a great way to go.

Install Mirrors

Mirrors always appear to double the size of a space.

Sliding Door over Traditional

Swing doors require space for opening and closing. The new and trendy “Barn Style” door is a great addition to any part of the house.

Pedestal Sinks

Vanities are bulky and unnecessary, and they take up a lot of real estate. Focus on complimentary fixtures instead.

Light Colored Flooring

From top to bottom, focus is light. Eliminate clutter, only what’s necessary needs space.

No Bathmat

Use a bathmat or bath towel only when you are using the bath is necessary.


Call Tarek & Associates to schedule an evaluation with us and our designers for an evaluation.

Large Number of Home Sales Are Used as Rental Units

Large Number of Home Sales Are Used as Rental Units

Have you wondered why rents continue to rise year after year? A great number of home sales since the burst of the housing bubble have been for use as rental units! And with a continued increase in home values, it’s no wonder! And to add insult to injury, renters trend towards staying in their units for longer durations!

There are now a very large number of renters, mostly because as housing prices rise, affordability becomes more and more difficult. This is particularly true in larger, more expensive metro areas.

And keeping in mind the mobility of the workforce with people changing jobs now on average every 2-3 years, it’s no wonder that fewer are putting down roots!

Home Builder Confidence Continues

Home Builder Confidence Continues

In the latest National Association of Home Builders, above-50% reading indicates that builders have a much more positive outlook than a negative one.

Home builders are rebounding from the shock of the hurricanes, says chairman of the NAHB. Expectations for present and expected single-family home sales rose in October, up five points to an astonishing 78 percent, while expected home-buyer traffic rose one point to 48 percent.

“It is encouraging to see builder confidence return to the high 60s levels we saw in the spring and summer. With a tight inventory of existing homes and promising growth in household formation, we can expect the new-home market to continue to strengthen at a modest rate in the months ahead.” said Robert Dietz, chief economist of the NAHB

Things are looking up!