At some point, any homeowner has encountered this scenario: a small powder-room. Here are some tips for making the space seem bigger, without any demolition.

Brighten the Colour Palate

Light spaces always appear bigger than dark ones, leaving behind heavy wood and fixtures. The more light, the better.

  • Lighten the Wall Color: Don’t forget the ceiling too.
  • Windows: Sheer window coverings win over heavy materials.
  • Lighting: Ceiling fixtures are a great way to go.

Install Mirrors

Mirrors always appear to double the size of a space.

Sliding Door over Traditional

Swing doors require space for opening and closing. The new and trendy “Barn Style” door is a great addition to any part of the house.

Pedestal Sinks

Vanities are bulky and unnecessary, and they take up a lot of real estate. Focus on complimentary fixtures instead.

Light Colored Flooring

From top to bottom, focus is light. Eliminate clutter, only what’s necessary needs space.

No Bathmat

Use a bathmat or bath towel only when you are using the bath is necessary.


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