There is a simple test, which will always tell you if your home purchase is a good one or a bad one. It’s the kitchen.
It’s typically the room most utilized in the house and tells you a lot about how the home has been maintained.

Look for these telltale signs.

Water Damage

Water damage is of the utmost importance in ANY home purchase, but particularly so in the kitchen, as evidence of flooding is an epithet to future woes. Save yourself.
The issue could be the pluming, the sink, or even bad weather. Ask your inspector to pay very close attention to this issue. It will save you much chagrin and money down the line.

Asbestos Pipes

A common problem with older homes, typically built before 1978, asbestos was used to insulate pipes and keep them from freezing. It is particularly dangerous if it has begun to breakdown.
If you have children, it is imperative to keep them away from the toxic material.
And if you spot this in a house, it’s better to find another, which does not contain potential exposure to this toxic material.

Cheap Flooring

Linoleum floors, or older wood flooring are typically glued to the ground. This is very time consuming and expensive to replace. If you are planning renovations, this will heavily affect your budget.

Cabinet Issues

If there is any rot, run! You can leverage the cabinets in getting credit from the seller, but they are costly to replace and required a lot of manual labour.


With that said, let Tarek show you the very best in what the marketplace offers. He knows what to avoid and how to save you money, time and future headaches. Contact us today for a full list of great homes that are on the market: 949.337.8808