Buying or selling a home, for most, is the most important financial decision. The agent you choose is absolutely critical in ensuring your success.

Interview & Check Track Record

There are lots of realtors nowadays, and the crowd seems to be getting bigger. It’s imperative that you choose someone who has firsthand knowledge working in the market that you are buying or selling.

Communication is Key

Some agents are only concerned about getting the signature on the dotted line & disappear shortly after. Make sure that your agent is there to support you throughout the entire process of selling or buying your home.

Negotiation Tactics

Believe it or not, there are a lot of subtleties that complete the transaction which go beyond just the contract. The personal negotiating style of the agent plays an important role in this process.

What is the Agent’s Workload?

If the agent is working alone on 8 listings, chances are you are NOT their top priority. If they are in a team setting, where an agent is assigned to your property & you, it may be more fitting. Choose what makes sense for you.

Research Their Record & Reputation

Review their recommendations, digital presence, and overall reputation. Spend a few minutes behind the computer and see if anything pops up that may be a red flag.


It’s easy to put a home on the MLS and wait for the phone to ring. What does the agent provide to set your property apart from the rest? Do they have a good online presence? How is their social media? You are using an agent to bring attention to your property if selling; it doesn’t help if they shy away from the limelight.


Whether buyer or selling, Tarek & Associates offers a series of advantages to garnering you the very best proposals for the property of your dream. With over 475 transactions and 15 years of experience, there are few others which surpass the experience we bring to the table in negotiating a winning outcome for our clients. Call us today and speak to us about what sets Tarek & Associates apart: 949.337.8808