Most homeowners believe that home improvements will add value to their property. And while they may improve your personal living situation, they will not always guarantee that value is being added to you property.

Here are some major improvements that will have little effect on property value.

Swimming Pool

Although there are families with children that specifically seek properties offering a pool, it is a very small buyer pool. As a matter of fact, most consider it to be liability and a danger for children.

The costs range between $30,000 to $100,000+ with monthly maintenance charges. And it will almost never add the same value to your home’s worth.

Being the Best House in the Neighborhood

While having the most extravagant or beautifully manicured home in the neighborhood may give you bragging rights, it is never a good idea to be the one property that stands out from the rest.

Overbuilding for the neighborhood typically will hurt you when it comes to selling your home. You will expect a higher value because of the additions, but buyer’s won’t see that value. And will typically consider making changes which will ultimately cost them more money. This is one scenario where fitting in may be a better way to go.

Landscaping Overdoing

Do enough to be well presented. No need to go overboard. A well maintained yard will give you great curb appeal, but no need to be excessive about it.

Upgrades that are Atypical for the Neighborhood

While gold covered faucets may seem appropriates for a posh 5th Avenue Apartment for a Saudi Prince, they typically are not necessary for a family home in a typical American neighborhood.

While your home is your palace, keep in mind that at some point you will be selling. Think of what potential buyers are looking for as well.

Carpet throughout the House

The trend has been a move towards easier to maintain flooring. Carpets, while creating a more cozy environment, are more difficult to maintain and keep. And with so many options in today’s market, including laminates, the choices may be greater with an easier to maintain floor.


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