Real Estate has been the main source of wealth and the most assured tried-and-true investment providing steady growth. Typically the largest lifetime purchase for most families, a home is no longer just a place to live, it accounts for a large portion of most investment portfolios, private or personal.

Last year, homeowners across the nation earned $908 Billion in equity last year. California, with no surprise, saw the largest double-digit growth across the nation: $44,000 increase in equity on average. This growth was also helpful in getting more than half-of-a-million borrowers rise above water in their mortgage, which represents about 63% of homeowners. This is largest home price growth in 4 years and will add $50 billion to the US consumer spending in the next 2 years!


Home ownership is the most assured way of preserving and passing wealth down from generation to generation. Take the time to contact me, Tarek El Moussa and let him show you homes with the highest growths over the last two years: +1.949.337.8808