The landscape of Home Ownership is undergoing a massive change. People move less, Parents are leaving their homes to their children, & becoming mobile and exploring has become fashionable.

Here are some of the top Trends in Home Ownership today.


More than 400,000 articles where posted on social media in 2017, according to Buzzsumo. The new trend, living stylishly in a remodeled Airstream, while traveling from one breathtaking vista to another, in now in vogue.

RV makers reported their best sales year ever for 2017. Airstreams sold more that 2 Billion dollars last year alone! They can’t build them fast enough.

Small Living

Prefab small homes have been in the news over the past few years. Started by upstarts in the Netherlands, they have now become mainstream. Easy to assemble, fabricated to your needs, your new home could be delivered, built & fully functional in a matter of hours.

Stories about these homes were shared nearly 2 million times last year. In fact, they have become so popular that some models are now cheaper than cars! But if luxury is your preferred M.O. they are abundant.

Crazy for Cabins

Cozy, comfy & a place where you feel immediately immersed in the comfort of a home, cabins have become the rage. It seems that everything old, has become new again. Particularly popular with the millennial set, these little hideaways aren’t just for mountain men anymore.

Mid-Century Modern

Palm Springs has been the mecca of Mid-Century Modern for decades. Sleek, clean, a bit of retro & a bit of modern, the homes are what the modern family seeks now. Amazon even launched a line of mid-century furniture in 2017.


A Home has always been the heart of our lives. Recently, more and more Americans are choosing places where they feel the comfort, the love & and warmth that a home blankets us with. The trends we have seen all point to a place where we are happy to be. Call us today and let us bring you to yours. +1.949.337.8808